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Quick Contact 0.5.4 Beta

Authors: csnowden, jpatterson
Quick Contact for WordPress is exactly that: a no-frills quick and simple way to add a contact form to your WordPress blog. Simply load it into your plugins folder, activate it in your WordPress backend and place “[quick_contact]” on the page you want the form to display on
These installation instructions for Quick Contact assume that you are already somewhat familiar with the operation of WordPress. If you are not familiar with WordPress then we suggest taking a look at http://demoblog.listpipe.com/. Pay particular attention to the following topics: Login and Write A Page (The videos can take a minute to load, but they’re worth it the wait if you are new to WordPress.).

Follow the steps below to install Quick Contact:

Backup your database.
Download Quick Contact from http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/quick-contact/ and unzip it.
Unzipping the downloaded file should produce a folder called quick-contact (if not, try downloading the files again). Upload the that folder and its contents to your wp-content/plugins directory inside of your WordPress install.
Login to your WordPress admin section and click on the Plugins tab. At this point you should be seeing a list of your plugins. Find Quick Contact in your list and activate it by clicking the Activate link.
On the page where you want the form to appear place the following text: [quick_contact]. This page will now display your Quick Contact form.
Emails will be sent to your admin email which you entered during the WordPress admin. You can update this email by clicking on the Settings » General tab in your WordPress admin and updating the E-mail address field.

Note: we suggest that you always use the most up-to-date version of WordPress with Business Directory


The best way to upgrade is to use the ‘Upgrade Now’ button on your plugins page (if your hosting situation is set up to handle that), or by following these steps:

Backup your database.
Deactivate Quick Contact in your WordPress admin.
Delete the old version of Quick Contact from your plugins directory (typically wp-content/plugins) via ftp.
Download the new version of the Quick Contact from http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/quick-contact/
Unzip the downloaded file and upload it’s contents to your plugins directory (Unziping the files should produce a folder called quick-contact).
Reactivate Quick Contact.

Where can I find more detailed instructions on how to use this plugin?

Visit our documentation page at http://quickcontact.squarecompass.com/documentation/

Quick Contact 0.5.4 Beta


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