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CATS_JobSite 1.4.2

Author: Andrew P. Kandels (andrew@catsone.com)
Adds job listings and allows visitors to search, register and apply to jobs on your WordPress site. Job applications can be customized and triggers can be added to perform actions based on applicant responses
Installation is pretty simple:

Download CATS_JobSite.zip from http://www.catsone.com/wordpress
Upload the file to your web server, and unzip the contents to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
Make sure the /wp-content/plugins/cats-jobsite/cache directory is owned and writable by the web server user.
Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
Browse to the ‘Settings’ menu in WordPress, and click ‘CATS JobSite’ to view the options.
To install the sidebar widget, browse to the ‘Themes’ menu, then ‘Widgets’ and drag ‘CATS JobSite’ onto a bar.

I’m getting a “CURL Error: can’t connect to https:// …”

This can happen if you enter a URL into the Company ID field in Settings. For example, if you enter: http://acme.catsone.com instead of just “acme”. Login to WordPress admin, click on Settings, then CATS JobSite. Make sure the first field, Company ID, is set to the short name only as per the instructions there.

I’m getting a “Permission Denied” error after installing.

This is because the /wp-content/plugins/cats-jobsite/cache directory isn’t owned and writable by the web server user. This can be accomplished on a Linux server by running a command similar to:

$ cd /path/to/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/cats-jobsite/cache
$ chown -R www-data .
$ chmod -R u+rw .

The default web server user is ‘www-data’ on Ubuntu, you should modify it accordingly if you’re using another distro.

The error messages contain a lot of information and traces. I don’t want my visitors to see that.

Backtrace and detailed debugging information is only shown if you’re logged in as a WordPress administrator. Ordinary users will be simple, friendlier error messages.

Can I change the layout?

Yes. The minimal stylesheet is located at /wp-content/plugins/cats-jobsite/style.css. The templates are located in /wp-content/plugins/cats-jobsite/templates.

Can I make changes to the code or add additional functionality?

Yes. The plugin is licensed under the GPL v3 which allows you to modify it as you like. See the file /wp-content/plugins/cats-jobsite/COPYING for a copy of the license.

Does it require a CATS account?

Yes. CATS is used as the database for storing applications and retrieving jobs and is used to perform much of the logic and customization. You must have a valid CATS account and transaction key in order for the plugin to function properly.

What versions of CATS will the plugin work with?

CATS Professional and the free CATS free trial hosted versions.

Will it work with the open source version of CATS? Such as 0.9.1?

No. The open source version does not include an API or the website features required to power the plugin.

Are there any restrictions when connecting to CATS through the API?

Yes. There are limitations to the CATS Applicant Tracking System public API. One of these is 1,000 connections per day (which can be increased if you contact the support team). A list can be found in their documentation here: Documentation

How can I setup the plugin to use a different language?

See the “lang/HOWTO.txt” file for more instructions about how to translate the plugin into another language. Your language may already be supported. If not, consider helping the community by writing a translation file.

CATS_JobSite 1.4.2


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