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Another WordPress Classifieds Plugin

Author: awpcp.com
Add a classified ads section to your WordPress site, quickly and easily.
Lots of features, very configurable. Easy to setup.
We’re the #1 Classifieds Plugin for WordPress: over one year old and 36,000+ downloads

Please backup your wordpress database before you install/uninstall/activate/deactivate/upgrade Another WordPress Classifieds Plugin.

Pre-installation note: If you have previously tried other classified plugins and you plan to give the classifieds page created by Another WordPress Classifieds Plugin the same name as previously used with other classifieds plugins you’ve installed, please make sure your database has been cleared of any entries in the wp_posts table where the post_name value and the post_title value are the same as the name you plan to give your classifieds page.
For example, if your classifieds page will be named “Classifieds”, you might have a wp_posts database entry post_title value of “Classifieds” and post_name value of “classifieds” still left over from previous installations of other classifieds plugins.
You need to check your database to make sure data from your previous classifieds plugins does not still exist. Specifically, you need to delete all entries from your wp_posts table where the post_title and post_name values are the same as what you plan to name your classifieds page.

Upload the folder another-wordpress-classifieds-plugin with its contents to wp-content/plugins/
Activate the plugin
Click on the “Click here to setup your site options” link and fill out all your various options to configure how you want your classifieds to run.
After you have setup your options you should create some categories and sub categories for your classifieds
After you have created your categories you should setup your payment fees if you are going to be running in pay mode.

Your classifieds should now be ready and working. If you are having problems please visit the support forum for technical questions, documentation and FAQs.

Question: Will this plugin work with versions of WordPress earlier than 2.7?
Answer: The plugin has only been tested with version 2.7 and above. If you wish
to test it on earlier versions you are free to do so. If you find that it
works on an earlier version please consider sharing this information for
the benefit of others.

Question: Does your plugin have any particular requirements for PHP or MySQL versions?
Answer: Yes, you need PHP 5+ and MySQL 5+. Earlier versions may work,
but are not officially supported.

Visit the support forum for support, FAQs and docs

Find the faqs here

Plugin documentation

Another WordPress Classifieds Plugin


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