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Mini Mail Dashboard Widget 1.4.3

Author: Marcel Bokhorst
Send and receive e-mail messages on the administration panel and optionally receive SMS messages containing the sender, subject and (part of) the text when new messages arrive
Using the WordPress dashboard

Login to your weblog
Go to Plugins
Select Add New
Search for Mini Mail Dashboard Widget
Select Install
Select Install Now
Select Activate Plugin


Download and unzip the plugin
Upload the entire mini-mail-dashboard-widget/ directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress

Why did you write this plugin?

See here.

Is this plugin multi-user?


Who can access the tools menu?

Users with publish_posts capability (authors).

Who can access the general settings?

Users with manage_options capability (administrators).

How can I change the styling?

Copy wp-mini-mail.css to your upload directory to prevent it from being overwritten by an update
Change the style sheet to your wishes; the style sheet contains documentation

Why does this plugin require at least PHP version 5.2.4?

Because this is a requirement of the Zend Framework.

Are you affiliated to VoipBuster?


Can you give me an example of an SMS schedule?

To receive SMS notifications from 9am to 5pm on working days you could use the following schedule:


What do ‘Connection refused’ and ‘Connection timed out’ mean?

Probably that your hosting provider has blocked POP3, IMAP and/or SMTP.
Try switching from IMAP to POP3 and/or from SMTP to PHP mail and/or from SSL/TLS to unencrypted.
Use the port test function to get an idea which ports are open or closed.

Why do I get error 500?

See previous question.
Maybe the maximum PHP execution time is exceeded.
You could use for example the WP System Health plugin to check this limit.

Why are not all new e-mail messages marked as unread?

Because e-mail messages for which SMS notifications are sent are considered as read.

Where can I ask questions, report bugs and request features?

You can write comments on the support page.

Mini Mail Dashboard Widget 1.4.3


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