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RP News Ticker 0.1

Author: Alexander Missa, offers@rationalplanet.com
The plugin creates a widget to display a nice horizontal newsticker which can be placed in a sidebar.
Based upon liScroll.js by Gian Carlo Mingati.
Tested in WordPress 3.0 only.
Demo: http://chernivtsi.ws (in Ukrainian)

Upload the folder rational-liscroll-ticker with its contents to wp-content/plugins/
Activate the plugin
Proceed to widgets section and add the widget to a sidebar.
1) Edit rational-liscroll-ticker.css to fit your site’s design
2) Create your language file from rational-liscroll-ticker-uk.po
Category IDs syntax:
1) Leave empty for all posts in all categories
2) “5,7” – include only posts in categories with ids 5 and 7 (no quotes please)
3) “-5,-7” – include posts in all categories but exclude posts of categories with ids 5 and 7

Question: Will this plugin work with versions of WordPress earlier than 3.0?
Answer: The plugin has only been tested with version 3.0 and above.
Please report any bugs via [developer’s web site] (http://www.rationalplanet.com/).

Question: What is RP in plugin’s name?
Answer: It stands for [rationalplanet.com] (http://www.rationalplanet.com/), just the way to distinguish our plugins from zillions of others.

Question: When is the newer version out?
Answer: The best way to stimulate it is to send a donation from the developer’s site. Or just visit a developer’s site.

RP News Ticker 0.1


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