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Youtube Profile Field 2.0.2

Author: Jayj.dk
Youtube Profile Field allows you to show your latest Youtube videos on your blog. Just enter your Youtube username in the profile, configure the options and you’re ready to show your videos to the world
Installation Instructions:

Download the plugin and unzip it.
Put the youtube-profile-field folder into the wp-content/plugins/ directory.
Go to the Plugins page in your WordPress Administration area and click ‘Activate’ next to Youtube Profile Field.
Go to your Profile page. Under “Contact Info” is there a input field called Youtube username. Enter your username in there (For 2.8 users is the input field in the bottom of the page)
Go to the Youtube Profile Field options page (under Settings) and enter the information needed. Here can you also find help

How to use it in template files:

You can easily show your latest Youtube files in your template files. Just use:

if ( function_exists(‘ypf_show_video’) ) {
ypf_show_video($count, $userid);

It accept 2 parameters.

$count Optional
Number of videos you want to show. Will override the one entered in the options panel.
If not entered, will it use the one from the options panel.

$userid Optional
Choose want user you want to show videos from. You don’t need to enter one if you use the function inside the loop.
If you use it outside the loop you might want to enter one (or it will use ID 1).

How to use it in `author.php`:

To get the ID of the current user on author.php, do you first need to Setup Author Information

After that just use

if ( function_exists(‘ypf_show_video’) ) {
ypf_show_video(”, $curauth->ID)

How to use it in posts, pages and text widgets

You can use this shortcode if you want to display the videos in posts, pages or text widgets.


It will show 1 video. If you want to display more, just use

[youtube-user display=”3″] <small>3 is the number of videos</small>

You can also show a specific video

[youtube-user id=”ql0kn-yI2OY”] <small>ql0kn-yI2OY is the video ID</small>

Youtube Profile Field 2.0.2


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