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Growyn Search 1.0.2

Author: Tobias Nyholm
Growyn Search allows you to add a widget with a growyn searchbox on your site. You can also get the searchbox by calling
the growyn_search() function. (See installation or the
Growyn Search plugin homepage.)
You can easily choose if the search should be on the enire web or just on your site and if the resultpage should be
in a new window or not
This is some brief installation notes. For more information see Webfish

Upload the plugin source to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress

Now you can use the widget in the ‘Widget’ menu.

You can also call the growyn_search() function. The function takes an array with the following parameters:

_blank – Integer (0 or 1). 1 if the result should be in a new window. (Default 1)
credit – Integer (0 or 1). 1 if you want to give Growyn a link. (Default 1)
echo – Integer (0 or 1). 1 if you want to echo the result. 0 if you want to return the result. (Default 1)
textboxMessage – String. The string that goes in the empty searchbox. (Default “Search with Growyn!”)
worldWide – Integer (0, 1 or 2). 0 for “this site” search. 1 for “world wide” search. 2 for user deside (Default 1)

The frequently asked questions is updated at the plugin’s homepage Growyn Search plugin.

Growyn Search 1.0.2


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