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Editz 1.29

Author: Editz
Allow your readers to become citizen editors. Editz is a free
service that allows your readers to post spelling, grammar, factual,
and other errors straight to you. After you or any other wordpress
admin approves the edit, the Editz plugin will automatically fix
the error. It’s like magic
Pre 2.7

Download, unzip, and upload the ‘Editz’ folder and all its
contents to your WordPress wp-content/plugins folder using FTP. Visit
the plugin tab in the WordPress admin, and activate Editz. You
can then setup your plugin options by visiting the Settings –


1) Download the Editz WordPress plugin.
2) Login to your wp-admin.
3) Click the “Plugins” dropdown on the left. Then click “Add New”.
4) Browse to your file and hit install now.

You can then setup your plugin options by visiting the Settings – >Editz.

WordPress MU (Site-wide plugin)

1) Download the Editz WordPress plugin
2) Install plugin in the mu-plugins directory
3) Move editz.php from the mu-plugins/editz directory to the mu-plugins/ directory

Each blog should then have access to the Editz settings panel

Where do I configure the plugin?

Look under the settings drop down and click “Editz”.

Where do I find my corrections list?

Click the drop down next to the post listing. Then click corrections.

Will Editz edit my posts?

Yes. Editz edits posts when you accept corrections posted
by you or other Editors.

How do I know whether to trust an Editor recommended correction?

Each Editor has a reputation that follows them from site to
site. Click their username to view their accuracy and how experienced
they are.

Editz 1.29

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