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Kommiku 2.1.3

Author: Henry Tran
Kommiku is a Online Media Viewer. The main purpose is to browse through stories (comic, manga, or novels). It will be like reading a book online

Note: As is the case when installing any new plugin, it’s always a good idea to backup your blog data before installing.*

After downloading the Kommiku plugin, unpack and upload the folder, “kommiku”, to the wp-content/plugins folder on your blog. Make sure to leave the directory structure of the archive intact so that all of the Kommiku files are located in ‘wp-content/plugins/kommiku/’
Make sure your “Permalink for WordPress” are not the default permalink. Change it to “Day and Name” or “Numeric” but not Default.
Activate the plugin. And you should be good to go 🙂

When I go to my Comic Base URL or http://mysite.com/manga/ it doesn’t work.

Make sure the directory for that Comic Base does not exist. For example, if I had the directory called “Manga” in my root files, and my Comic Base as “Manga”, the directory folder will override WordPress’s Hook, and you will be going to the directory instead.

It still not working!

Okay! Last but not least… make sure your WORDPRESS PERMALINK are not on “default”. You know when you get http://example.com/?p=321 . Well… thats default. Only prerequiste is that you change the permalink to something else.

Kommiku 2.1.3


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