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WOW Recruitment Widget 1.2.5

Author: ycfreeman
A widget that helps to display recruitment message of a World of Warcraft guild.
It works just fine out of the box, but it is very customizable with some CSS techniques.
Customization tutorial can be found here

Unpack and Upload all files to the /wp-content/plugins/wow-recruit-widget directory
Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress
Drag WOW Recruitment Widget to your sidebar
Enter details and done!
(optional) go to Settings > WOW Recruit Widget to set up all classes and status texts to your own language

These color/font/size does not match my template, can I change them?

Yes, copy all contents in the widget style.css to your theme style.css, then choose “Use Custom Style Sheet” in admin panel, and remember to point .wr-icon sprite to a correct image,
i.e. if you want to use the default image sprite, change .wr-icon > background-image to url(../../plugins/wow-recruit-widget/img/class-sprite.png) or using absolute link
url(http://your site’s url/wp-content/plugins/wow-recruit-widget/img/class-sprite.png)
detailed customization tutorial can be found in this post

I don’t want the icon/class/note to layout like that, can I change it?

Yes, all layouts are done with css, please refer to the customizaton tutorial

Can I sort recruitment messages in another way?

Unfortunately it is not implemented, please leave me a comment if you really want this feature :).

WOW Recruitment Widget 1.2.5


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