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WP flash img show 1.1

Author: Tojary

wp flash img show is a FLASH Image Slide plugin for WordPress.You can show your articles , photo,goods,product and other ad. or introduction


Extract wp-flash-img-show.zip
Upload wp-flash-img-show older to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
Activate ‘wp flash img show’ in your Admin Panel (‘Plugins’ menu )
Put this HTML code in your Template / Post / Widgets(text-widgets). <div id=”wp_flash_img_show_here”>wp_flash_img_show will diaplay here</div> ( OR you can put this PHP code in your template: <?php if (function_exists(‘wp_flash_img_show’)) {wp_flash_img_show();} ?> )
Change the Setting by navigating to ‘Settings’–‘wp flash img show’ and complete the form


解压 wp-flash-img-show.zip
上传 wp-flash-img-show 文件夹到你的网站 /wp-content/plugins/ 目录内
用管理员身份登录,在’插件’选项内激活 ‘WP flash img show’ 插件
把这句HTML代码复制到你的主题文件/文章/边栏小工具(文本小工具): <div id=”wp_flash_img_show_here”>wp_flash_img_show will diaplay here</div> (或者 把这句PHP代码复制到你的主题文件中: <?php if (function_exists(‘wp_flash_img_show’)) {wp_flash_img_show();} ?> )
在 ‘设置’ — ‘WP flash img show’ 设置图片地址和显示参数

WP flash img show 1.1


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