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Microkid's Related Posts


Download the plugin and unzip,
Put the related-posts folder in your wp-content/plugins folder,
Activate the plugin through the WordPress admin,
The plugin will automatically display related posts underneath your posts content. You can change this and some other settings through the plugins options page under Settings > Related Posts.
If you want to display the related posts somewhere else on your page, there is a set of API functions you can place in your theme files. You can also use the [related-posts] shortcode to display related posts within your content, or use the available widget.

Does this plugin have a widget?

Yes, if your theme supports it you can display multiple related posts widgets in your dynamic sidebars.

Does this plugin work with WordPress versions < 2.5?

No, it is not backward compatible with WordPress version older than 2.5.

Can I add the related posts to my post text using a shortcode?

Yes, you place [related-posts] anywhere in your text to display the related posts wherever you want. Additionally, you can add an attribute “posttype” to the shortcode to display the related posts of a specific post type only. Example: [related-posts posttype=page]

What will be displayed if there are no related posts?

You can use a custom message, or display nothing at all (no text, no code).

I need more options. How can I fully customize the way the related posts are displayed?

There is a set of API functions available you can use in your themes to display the related posts in any way you can think of.

I’m having trouble using this plugin. How can I reach you?

Please leave me a comment at the Microkids Related Posts homepage.

Microkid's Related Posts

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