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Private! WordPress Access Control Manager


Upload private folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
Configure who should be allowed to access your blog or parts of your blogs
Decide for every user, how long a user should be able to see restricted areas (optional)

I cannot access my blog?

Please read the descriptions. This plugin is very restrictive. If you just click enable, you will not
be able to access your blog. But the good news is, the plugin will not lock you out, click on personal
settings and give yourself an authorization timestamp in the future and you are back in business.

Is it compatible to cache plugins?

It should be. Tell your caching script, that it should not cache logged in users (that should be the default)
and clear the cache after configuration. Regular pages for guests should be cached. Restricted areas should
not be cached, as the user must be logged in.

Why does Plugins like “Ultimate Security Check” keep telling me, my blog is still hackable with malicious URL requests?

Because the test is somehow stupid. It’s not enough to send a single “eval” or “base64” command without any
parameters to your blog to hack it, but exactly this is simulated. You will have to send special url requests, that match more criterias than that. If you just deny access to urls, that have “eval”, “base64” or “select union” in it, you will run into big problems e. g. you are a SQL Expert or Developer and want to write about these functions.

Private! WordPress Access Control Manager


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