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Image Scrolling Gallery FX

Make sure your WordPress version is greater than 2.8 and your hosting provider is using PHP5.

There are two files to download: WordPress Plugin (that you have to install and activate) & Free package
Create a new folder inside your wp-content folder called flashxml, inside this folder create a new one called image-scrolling-gallery-fx and copy the content of the free package there
If you copied the free package to a location different than the one above, go to Image Scrolling Gallery FX from the Settings tab in your WordPress Dashboard and update the path accordingly
Add [image-scrolling-gallery-fx width=”600″ height=”400″][/image-scrolling-gallery-fx] where you want the Flash to show up in your post/page. Don’t forget to provide your own width and height values, since 600 and 400 are just examples
If you want to make the Image Scrolling Gallery FX part of your theme, edit the template files and add <?php imagescrollinggalleryfx_echo_embed_code(600, 400); ?> where you want it to show up
Go to FlashXML.net and customize your Image Scrolling Gallery FX using the Live Demo. Generate the settings.xml text and use it to overwrite wp-content/flashxml/image-scrolling-gallery-fx/settings.xml, wp-content/flashxml/image-scrolling-gallery-fx/fxImageScroller/settings.xml and wp-content/flashxml/image-scrolling-gallery-fx/holder/settings.xml files accordingly
To use your own images, upload them to wp-content/flashxml/image-scrolling-gallery-fx/images/ and update the wp-content/flashxml/image-scrolling-gallery-fx/images/thumbs.xml and wp-content/flashxml/image-scrolling-gallery-fx/images/big.xml files accordingly

No Flash support text

To support visitors without Adobe Flash Player, you can provide alternative content by adding the text between [image-scrolling-gallery-fx width=”600″ height=”400″] and [/image-scrolling-gallery-fx]. If you made the Flash part of your theme, add the text as the third argument of the imagescrollinggalleryfx_echo_embed_code() function call (for example <?php imagescrollinggalleryfx_echo_embed_code(600,400,”Alternative content”); ?>).

Getting rid of the FlashXML.net label

To remove the FlashXML.net label from the top-left corner you’ll need to buy the paid package. Once you’ll do that, simply use the SWF file from the paid package to overwrite the SWF file from the wp-content/flashxml/image-scrolling-gallery-fx/ folder.

Image Scrolling Gallery FX

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