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Events Manager Extended

Always take a backup of your db before doing the upgrade, just in case …
1. Upload the events-manager-extended folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
3. Add events list or calendars following the instructions in the Usage section.

I enabled the Google Maps integration, but instead of the map there is a green background. What should I do?

I call that “the green screen of death”, but it’s quite easy to fix your issue. If you see that green background, your theme has a little problem that should be fixed. Open the header.php page of your theme; if your theme hasn’t any header.php page, just open the index.php page and/or any page containing the <head> section of the html code. Make sure that the page contains a line like this:

<?php wp_head(); ?>

If your page(s) doesn’t contain such line, add it just before the line containing </head>. Now everything should work allright.
For curiosity’s sake, <?php wp_head(); ?> is an action hook, that is a function call allowing plugins to insert their stuff in WordPress pages; if you’re a theme maker, you should make sure to include <?php wp_head(); ?> and all the necessary hooks in your theme.

How do I resize the single events map? Or change the font color or any style of the balloon?

Create a file called ‘myown.css’ in the plugin directory and put in there eg.:

.eme-location-map {
width: 600px;
height: 400px;
.eme-location-balloon {
color: #FF7146;

You can start from events_manager.css as a base and just change the parts you want.
Warning: when wordpress updates a plugin automatically, it removes the plugin directory completely. So be sure to have a backup of myown.css somewhere to put back in place afterwards.

For the multiple locations map, see the shortcode [locations_map] with its possible parameters on the documentation site.

Can I customise the event page?

Sure, you can do that by editing the page and changing its template. For heavy customisation, you can use the some of the plugin’s own conditional tags, described in the Template Tags section.

How does Events Manager Extended work?

When installed, Events Manager Extended creates a special “Events” page. This page is used for the dynamic content of the events. All the events link actually link to this page, which gets rendered differently for each event.

Are events posts?

Events aren’t posts. They are stored in a different table and have no relationship whatsoever with posts.

Why aren’t events posts?

I decided to treat events as a separate class because my priority was the usability of the user interface in the administration; I wanted my users to have a simple, straightforward way of inserting the events, without confusing them with posts. I wanted to make my own simple event form.
If you need to treat events like posts, you should use one of the other excellent events plugin.

Is Events Manager Extended available in my language?

At this stage, Events Manager Extended is only available in English and Italian. Yet, the plugin is fully localisable; I will welcome any translator willing to add to this package a translation of Events Manager Extended into his mother tongue.

Events Manager Extended


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