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IMDb link transformer


Php 5 is required.

Unzip and put the “imdb-link-transformer” folder into your plugin folder (usually wp-content/plugins/)
Activate the plugin (using the settings tab from admin board)
Configure the plugin (settings admin board). Values should be automatically completed, but check them anyway.
Create the cache directories (cache and photo directories). The plugin is preconfigured to work with “/wp-content/cache/imdb” and “/wp-content/cache/imdb/images”. Deactivate the cache (advanced – cache management section) otherwise, if you don’t want to use the cache. Either you use or you don’t, the plugin will work – but be aware that without cache, process will take a long time, each time… and source websites could eventually ban you IP.
Give read & write permissions to these two cache directories (see 4).

basic options

There is three ways to use IMDb link transformer: popup link creator, widget and inside a post. Each option can be combined with any other, as blogger wants; there is no limitation, feel you free to use all three at once!

When writing your post, add either < !–imdb–>movie’s name< !–/imdb–> tags to your movie’s name (if you disabled visual editor, and that you have HTML interface) or click on imdb link transformer’s button after selecting the movie’s name. As a result of this, a link which will open a popup will be created. The popup contains many data and is extensively browsable.
Widget can be activated, and used in a way where informations will be displayed inside it. Once widget is activated, look closely to select what you want to display on your sidebar: options are available on imdb admin settings tab. Also add “imdb-movie-widget” or “imdb-movie-widget-bymid” to your message’s custom field; the value you will add will be the movie that will be displayed inside the widget. Check faqs.
The plugin can show IMDb data inside a post. When writing your post, put the movie name inside tags [imdblt][/imdblt] (which gives ie [imdblt]Fight club[/imdblt]).
The plugin can now show IMDb data inside a post, using their imdb movie’s id instead of their names. When writing your post, put the movie’s imdb id inside tags [imdbltid][/imdbltid] (which gives ie [imdbltid]0137523[/imdbltid], for Fight Club movie).
You may also edit the “/* —- imdbincluded */” part from imdb.css to customize layout according your taste.

Fine tuning:

The files inc/imdb-movie.inc.php, popup.php, imdb_movie.php and imdb_person.php could be modified to match your theme; check also /css/imdb.css if you want to customize default theme.
A (front) page can be created to include all you movies’ related messages. Have a look there : personal critics page.
If your language is not included… translate .po file (inside /lang directory) to yours! And send it to me, of course, thus many people would enjoy IMDb in a new language.


If you are not interested in having links opening popup windows but look only for informations displayed (both in widget and posts), look for “widget options / Remove popup links?” and switch the option to “yes”. There will be no more links opening a popup (both in widget and posts).
You may use imdb_call_external() function for externals calls to imdb functions. Have a look to help section (Inside post part)
Would you like to display automatically a widget in accordance with your post title? Just turn on “Widget/Inside post Options -> Misc ->Auto widget” option. Especially useful for blogs focusing on movies, where every post is related to cinema.
You are an expert in tags and categories. And using movie details as taxonomy (sort of tags) has always been your greatest dream. IMDb link transformer will make you happy ! Use taxonomy; check plugin’s help to figure out how to.

How to update?

Remove the old IMDb link transformer and install the new one. Or use the automated update from WordPress.
If needed, go to IMDb link transformer settings, and click on “reset”. Every release with new movie details should have a reset on “Widget/Inside post Options” section from WordPress admin.

IMDb link transformer


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