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s2Member ( Membership w/ PayPal® )

s2Member is very easy to install ( instructions )

Upload the /s2member folder to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress®.
Navigate to the s2Member Options panel for configuration details.

Auto-installing through WordPress® ( memory errors? )

This depends on your hosting provider and/or server configuration. Some web hosting companies impose very low limits on the amount of memory available to WordPress® during the execution of a single script. Since s2Member is a larger plugin, WordPress® may exceed conservative limits set forth by shared hosting companies. Don’t feel bad, it’s a very common problem. The solution is to install manually, using the instructions above. Memory limits only affect the WordPress® auto-installation routine, not the actual functionality of WordPress® or s2Member.

Is s2Member compatible with Multisite Networking ?

Yes. s2Member, and also s2Member Pro, are BOTH compatible with Multisite Networking enabled. After you enable Multisite Networking, install the s2Member plugin. Then navigate to s2Member -> Multisite ( Config ) in the Dashboard on your ( Main Site ).

What about Multisite Networking ( WPMU ), used on a Blog Farm?

Yes, preliminary ( experimental ) support for Multisite Blog Farms has also been implemented. If you’re running a Multisite Blog Farm ( i.e. you offer Blogs ), please contact s2Member.com for further details. With Multisite Networking enabled, your site could ALSO offer a Customer access to create a Blog of their own, where a Customer becomes a “Member” of your ( Main Site ), and also a Blog Owner/Administrator. With s2Member installed ( network wide ), each of your Blog Owners could offer Membership too, using a single installation of the s2Member plugin ( which is a great selling point ). We refer to this as a Multisite Blog Farm. You can get started now, by turning on Multisite Networking inside your installation of WordPress®. Then, install the s2Member plugin ( network wide ). In the Dashboard for your Main Site, see: s2Member -> Multisite ( Config ).

s2Member ( Membership w/ PayPal® )


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