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Google Calendar Weekly Timetable

Please send me any suggestions (bugs/features). Use comments or contact form on plugin homepage.

Common plugin installation instructions:

Use the automatic installer from within the WordPress administration, or:

Download the .zip file by clicking on the Download button on the right
Unzip the file
Upload the google-calendar-weekly-timetable directory to your plugins directory
Go to the Plugins page from within the WordPress administration
Click Activate for Google Calendar Events

After activation a new Google Calendar Weekly Timetable options menu will appear under Settings. You can now start adding feeds.


Copy XML url of public google calendar. In your GCWT wordpress settings Add feed pasting this url in Feed URL. Use WP shortcode in post/page of format [gc-timetable id=”<list_of_feeds_separated_by_comma”]. Use css/gcwt-style.css file to modify the style, use .gcwt-table{} table id.


Create Google Calendar (or use existing one). Go to Calendar Settings -> Share this calendar (second tab). Click on Make this calendar public. Save.
Again, go to Calendar Settings -> Calendar Details (first tab). Scroll down to calendar address and click on the XML button. COPY the pop-up link.
Go back to your wordpress admin panel. Go to Settings -> Google Calendar Weekly Timetable. Click on Add Feed. Name the calendar in Feed Title field and PASTE the link from previous step to Feed URL field.
Change other options if you need to and choose feed color (default is yellow, by accident). Click Add Feed. Notice the Feed ID.
Now go to the post/page that you want to insert the table to. Add shortcode [gc-timetable id=”1″]. Here “1” means the Feed ID that you noticed in previous step is 1.
Repeat the steps to add more feeds. Then update the id=”1″ option in your shortcode to the list of IDs you want to add to this particular timetable, separated by commas. For example [gc-timetable id=”1,2,3″].

Controlling additional options:


lang=”ru” – this will change the names of the weekdays. By default English, Russian and Lithuanian are described in file google-calendar-weekly-timetable/weekdays.txt. You can edit it from WordPress admin panel. Add language short code followed by colon, followed by name of Monday and all the other weekdays separated by spaces (follow the logic of what’s already added).
hour12=1 – To switch between am/pm and military clock use shortcode. Default is 24hour-clock (no need to add anything)
start=”previous Monday” – this specifies when is the start day to parse the 7 days (default is today, so it can be middle of week)
start_sunday=1 – Sunday is the first day of the week
rowspan=0 – will turn of the feature of events taking more cells down if start time matches that is enabled by default
append=’ H:i’ – appends a string to the end of the title and inserts any date/time that you can specify according to date() php function. The timestamp used is the one with the end time of event.

The simpliest way to edit table style is to edit google-calendar-weekly-timetable/css/gcwt-style.css file. The table has id=”timetable” which is inherited by class=”gcwt-table” class assigned inside <div> tag… so you can edit existing options or add additional using .gcwt-table #timetable{<options>}.

Google Calendar Weekly Timetable

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